Kimbatuul Tarhun

Dragonborn Paladin


AC: 16 HP: 44
Saving throws: WIS, CHA
STR 16 (3) DEX 13 (1) CON 14 (1) INT 13 (1) WIS 11 (0) CHA 17 (3)
Proficiencies: Proficient with: Artisans tools, vehicles. Armor: All Armor, shields. Weapons: Simple, and Martial. Skills: Animal Handling, Persuasion, Religion, and Survival
Languages: Draconic, and Common
Ancestry: Green Dragon – ACID
Damage Resistance: ACID

Personality Traits: I am confident in my own abilities, and try to instill confidence in others.
Someone is in trouble, I am there to help.
Ideals: Fairness: No one should get biased treatment before the law. And no one is above the law.
Bonds: I have a family, but have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.
Flaws: I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink.

Weapons, and damage:
*.10 mil does 1d6 damage, with clip holding 10 bullets. .357 Magnum does 1d6 damage, with clip holding 5 bullets.
Laser pistol does 1d6 heat damage. 15 shots per battery. Current battery at full charge. Each battery has 3 charges. 1/2 hour to charge battery.

Battery Charge:
10 min = 6 shots
15 min = 10 shots
30 min = 15 shots

Rustic Hospitality:
I can find a place to rest, hide, or recuperate among other commoners, unless I have shown myself to be dangerous. They will shield me from the law, or anyone else, but won’t risk their lives for me.

Great Weapon FIghting:
When I roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die with a melee weapon that I’m wielding with two hands, I can reroll the die. The weapon must have the two-handed, or versatile property.

Divine Smite:
When I hit with a melee weapon attack, I can expend 1 paladin spell slot to do radiant damage, in addition to weapon damage.
Extra damage is 2d8 for a first level slot, and then 1d8 for each level higher, up to 5d8. Increases by 1d8 if Undead, or a Fiend.

Disease Resistance: +2 (CON)
Radiation Resistance: +5 (CON)
Engineering: +1 (INT)
Explosives: +1 (DEX)
Big Guns: +1 (STR)
Small Guns: + 7 (STR)
Repair: +6 (INT)
Medicine: +2
Sleight of Hand: +2

Divine Sense: The presence of strong evil registers on my senses like a noxious odor, and powerful good rings like heavenly music in my ears. I can open my awareness to detect these. Until the end of my next turn, I know the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet of me that is not behind total cover. I know the type (celestial, fiend, or undead) of any being whose presence I sense, but not its identity. Within the radius, I also detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated, as with the hallow spell. I can use this feature a number of times equal to 1 CHA MOD (3).
When I finish a long rest, I regain all expended uses.

Lay on Hands: My touch can heal wounds. I have a pool of healing power that replenishes when I take a long rest. I can restore a total equal to my paladin level (2) x 5.
I can touch a creature and restore a number of hit points to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in my pool.
Alternatively, I can expend 5 hit points from my pool of healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison. I can cure multiple diseases and neutralize multiple poisons with a single use of Lay on Hands, expending hit points separately for each one. This feature has no effect on undead and constructs.

Karma level:

Weight Limit: 24/255
Backpack: 8/15

Divine Health: The divine magic flowing through me makes me immune to disease.

Oath of Vengeance:
*Oath Spells:
Paladin Level & Spells
3rd: bane, hunter’s mark

*Channel Divinity:
Abjure Enemy. As an action, I present my holy symbol and speak a prayer of denunciation, using my Channel Divinity. Choose one creature within 60 feet. They must make a WIS saving throw. Fiends and undead have disadvantage.
On a failed save, they are frightened for 1 minute or until they take any damage. While frightened, the creatures speed is 0. On a success, the creatures speed is halved for 1 minute or until they take any damage.

Vow of Enmity. As a bonus action, I can utter a vow of enmity against a creature I see within 10 feet. I gain advantage on attack rolls against the creature for 1 minute.

Breath Weapon:
I can use my action to exhale destructive energy. The DC is 11. 2d6 damage on a fail, half on a success.


Kimbatuul Tarhun, was born to a dragon clan in the capital city of Djerad Thymar in the Tymanchebar province. He was born to Daardendrian Hestia, and Kimbatuul Stelios. They were later married, and given a place of their own. The years went by for Tarhun, and he was soon getting as strong and as fast as the other Dragonborn children. There was much commotion one day in the village square when a human entered their village. He was known as Gorstag Greycastle. He was adorned in fancy shiny armor, and a great shield, with a holy symbol for the God Diancecht. Tarhun was instantly fascinated with the stranger, and beyond a scolding he continued to stalk the streets with the human. Learning all he could of an outside world he had never heard of, outside of tales that his father had told him. When the man was about to leave on his journey back to his human village Tarhun was bound and determined to go with him. He had already asked his parents if he could, and they had forbidden it. The night that he was leaving, Tarhun was lying in his bed, and waited until his parents were fast asleep. He got out of bed, as quietly as a Dragonborn can. He threw a bag out of the window, and snuck out. He ran from his home, ran as fast, and as hard as he could to catch up to his new friend. Coming to a fork in the road about 6 miles or so from town, he saw a man lying on the ground in front of the sign post. Upon further investigation he saw it was his new friend. He was hurt badly, and he was surrounded by a small herd of the undead. Tarhun ran to his aid catching most of the undead by surprise, and dispatching them quickly. Gorstag was fighting them off as well as he could, but it seemed that they had gotten the jump on him as he was deciding his direction. His horse lay dead upon the ground at his feet, and once the undead were decimated, the two decided to continue, but on foot. They were just outside of Gorstag’s city, when the seriousness of his wounds caught up to him, and he began to grow weaker, and weaker. He could barely stand, and was looking quite pale. He turned to Tarhun, and told him that the plague of the undead was taking hold of him quite quickly, and he didn’t have much time before his humanity was gone. He begged him to take him to the cemetery close to town, and allow him to die in peace with his late wife next to him. They arrived at the cemetery, and Gorstag laid himself upon the ground where his wife’s body lay in cold slumber. He told Tarhun, that they had never had children themselves, but only because when they had their first she had died in childbirth, and lost their son as well. He was only 20 at the time, and he had lost everything. He had decided that he needed to commit himself to the demise of the undead all together, and so he went to the local temple, and pledged his life, and his sword to Diancecht. After that, he was given great powers from the God, and was able to train himself in the ways of life. He told Tarhun, that the weeks that he had spent in his village were probably the closest to being happy he had been in years. He enjoyed the children clamoring over him to hear his tales of bravery again, and again. He felt like he belonged, and that he was finally at peace with his new life. He went on for a while, and told Tarhun where to go, and how to call upon the God, and that he wanted no one else to take his place more than him. Tarhun wept, as his new friend slipped into the same cold slumber that his wife lay in. Tarhun took the Paladin, and propped him up against the headstone, and laid his shield on the ground over the grave, and laid his sword next to it. After a few minutes of prayer, and tears, he gathered himself up, and went into the village. He entered the temple, and told the priest what had happened, and that Gorstag had charged him to continue in his stead. They discussed many things that evening, and his training started the very next morning. Tarhun, eventually sent a letter off to his family, and upon his final days of training, he received a reply from his father. He had been thought dead, and with a heavy heart his mother had passed from a broken heart. His father continued by saying that he was on his way to the village to see his son, and that they needed to talk of these sad things. Tarhun being overjoyed that he would see his father again, was taken by surprise when the messenger told him that he wasn’t charged with taking this letter to him by his father, but that there was an older Dragonborn upon the road that was taken by the undead. When he came upon him, he was barely alive, he told him about his friend’s son in the local village, and that he was going to see him, when the undead ambushed him, and he wasn’t able to fend them off. When he had finally died, the young boy found this letter on him about his mother. He was sure that it was this village, because Tarhun was the only Dragonborn for miles. After receiving this letter, Tarhun made it his duty to meet his father on the road, instead of in the village, to make sure that his travel here was uninterrupted by the undead. He set off immediately, and headed in the direction of his clan’s home.

Kimbatuul Tarhun

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